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Coaching Process


What I Do

Coaching is the positive alternative: a partnership of experts: You are the expert about your life. I am the expert who will proactively help you get past your sticky points, to assist you in fully achieving your vision, your way.


I teach you to plan ahead, to take charge of your life, by creating opportunities for success and by committing yourself to following through on your commitments. I help you develop and implement a proactive plan that identifies your participation and responsibilities. I support you through the learning curve of change, helping you integrate these new thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviors into permanent positive change.

The Coaching Process

My first appointment is free and without obligation. It is a 30 minute screening session to determine appropriateness and viability of the coaching process for you with me.

It is my expectation that you have read the content of this website and have had the opportunity to become knowledgeable about coaching, the process, about me and the fees and are already an informed consumer ready to see if I can help you about your specific needs.

This free session assumes you already know a bit about me; it is about me getting to know a bit about you. It is a setup to see if a next paid for session is a legitimate next step. I see no use in asking extensive personal information or charging someone if it turns out that I obviously can’t be helpful; i.e. that you have needs beyond the scope of my practice.

Next Step
During our first contracted session, we will assess specifics about your life. We need to talk candidly about your strengths, your successes, your values and goals and the social system in which you live; i.e. your abilities to function well in life. We need to set a context about how well you do when you are functioning at your best. It is against this backdrop of successes that we look at your concerns, your issues, your “Its” needing help. We need to be unafraid to discuss both the highlights and the dirt of your life without fear and/or judgment.

Your strengths and positive abilities have to outweigh your weaknesses.

You have to really Want-to-Want to; i.e. WannaWanna DO what you “gotta” DO to achieve the difference between success and failure. You have to be willing to DO this despite the obstacles, the fears, the others who get in your way.

First you need to be willing to get the help before you will allow the help.

With your “WannaWanna” leading the way, we can leverage your strengths to accomplish your goals, if they are realistic.

If it is clear to me that you have the WannaWanna and the ability to succeed at getting what you want, I will tell you so. I will explain the process and help you develop the plan of what to DO and how.

If I can’t help you with your specifics, I will tell you.

Our purpose is to assess the appropriateness of coaching in your life, to determine whether or not it is the right modality for you and that I can professionally serve your needs.

Upon completion of that session, you will walk away with a clear understanding of what to expect and what needs to be done in order for you to accomplish your goals.

You determine whether or not you feel comfortable with what you have heard, trust what you have experienced and believe that the plan makes sense.

I work for your success and will not volunteer for failure, yours or mine. Coaching with me is about you and whether or not you can and will benefit. From our conversation, your chances for success will be obvious.

By Session 2, we should be well on the way to creating your proactive action plan.

If our relationship appears workable and you agree to the terms, we set another appointment to assess your individual strengths, your weaknesses and your concerns. We also evaluate your support system. From this base of information, we will develop an action plan and targets of accountability, yours and mine.

We then meet several times a month, usually an hour a week, by phone or in person, for implementation. It is expected that you successfully enact the expected changes with observable results to all concerned. I maintain a commitment to an uncompromising standard of excellence. Any less is unacceptable to me and disrespectful to you.

No different behavior from you equals no successful change for you!

I initially work with an individual, couple, family, company or team, for three to six months, to eliminate problems, increase performance and achieve goals. Once that has been achieved, we can super focus on the stuff that your dreams are made of: your WannaWanna! i.e. what you really want now that have eliminated obstacles that have blocked your essential YOU!



If this sounds like what you are looking for, please contact me  to find out more.


Dr. Gary

Gary S. Grossman Ph.D.




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