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Billing: Payment in full, for the program or coaching services selected, is due at our first appointment where payment in full is required. Where payment plan is available, payments must be made as per program cycle agreement and prior our appointment.Failure to pay on time or with repeated prompting hurts our working and professional relationship as much as not showing up or multi tasking during our sessions and is not tolerated. Enabling does neither of us any favors.

I accept business and personal checks, credit card payments, money orders, and cashier’s checks.


Refund Policy:

Program Purchases
Our commitment is to offer you up to date educational information connected to the program, so that you can be better informed about how to support your own health. Additionally, we are committed to helping you leverage what you’ve learned by integrating it into your daily practice. Due to the nature of a downloadable product, we do not issue refunds at any time for any reason. You have an opportunity to receive a complete refund if after your second lesson you find it is not for you.


Individual Coaching Sessions: If you are unhappy at anytime, discuss it. If the issue cannot be easily resolved, you can terminate at any time. Your only obligation is to pay for the sessions committed to and used.

What can you expect of me during our coaching relationship?
All of our interactions (conversations, e-mails, faxes etc.) will remain strictly confidential. I will not share any information provided by you with anyone without your expressed written consent unless mandated by law.

You may call or e-mail me between sessions if you need “spot coaching”, have a problem, or can’t wait to share a win with me. I enjoy delivering this extra level of service. I do not charge for additional time of this type, but I ask that you please keep the extra calls to about 5 minutes. When leaving a message, let me know if you want a return call or if you are just sharing. I will get back to you ASAP.

Commitments and Integrity
If I make a promise to you, this promise will be kept, in the way promised and in the time frame promised. If, in exceptional circumstances, I am unable to keep a commitment, I will notify you immediately. I will deal with you at the highest standards of integrity, honesty, professionalism and respect.

Non-Judgmental Attitude
I am not here to judge “right” and “wrong”. My position is to coach the “real you” to get the life you want. As there may be times when you will share information that may make you feel vulnerable, I assure you I will treat your choices and actions (past, present or future) with respect and kindness.

Tenacity About Your Progress
As you have hired me to help you, I believe that some of the best value I can deliver to you comes through the “tough places” you may be unwilling to visit on your own; i.e. honest feedback, challenging questions, assignments designed to challenge your comfort zones, accountability to your commitments and an    occasional, usually gentle and always caring “kick in your ‘BuT’ or butt”.

I believe coaching is about helping you optimize your strengths by focusing on what you can truly achieve in ways that you are capable of accomplishing. You, however, must do the work necessary to make those changes.

E-mail and Updates: If you’re facing a difficult challenge or an exciting development, I want to know. Call or e-mail me for a quick update. This is included in your regular coaching fees.

Satisfaction Guarantee: I intend to bring the best of myself to my clients and strive to provide value during every session/call. We close with a brief assessment of that value in order to assure we are succeeding.

If you are unhappy at anytime, discuss it. If the issue cannot be easily resolved, you can terminate at any time. Your only obligation is to pay for the sessions committed to and used.

What Do I Expect Of You?

Our agreement includes a set amount of appointments/calls. It is important for us to keep our appointments. My sessions run on time. Come to the appointment/call with wins/updates, progress and current challenges. Let me know what you want to work on and be ready to be coached. If you are going to be late for out appointment, please call me ASAP at 559-273-8986. Please give me at least 24 hours notice if you have to reschedule your appointment/call.

If either of us have an emergency, we will work around it. Otherwise, your missed appointment/call is not made up and you will be charged. That is a waste of time and money that I hope will never happen.

If you or I have a vacation, we will make sure that your needs are not adversely affected and we will schedule around it as appropriate.

Completion of Assignments
It is up to you to complete assignments as given. Whenever possible, I would appreciate getting your assignment at least 12 hours before our session so that I can go over it before we meet again. Our agenda is client generated and coach supported.

As appropriate, I eencourage you to thoroughly read my book: Get Your Head Out Of Your “BuT”! A complementary E-book version is available to all coaching clients. A hard copy and/or Kindle version is available for purchase through

It serves as a complement to our process and speeds up your coaching, your focus and your ultimate success!

Success and Gratitude
I expect you to DO your part as instructed. This assures our WIN!/WIN!

What do I hope for?
My best sources of referrals come from satisfied clients. If you know someone or business that can benefit from my services, I would appreciate your asking them to contact me.

I hope I’ve been able to answer many of your questions. If not, please feel free to address them during our interview call.
I look forward to getting to know you.

Thank You!
Gary S. Grossman Ph.D.





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