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I truly found it an interesting read. You certainly captured your personality on the page, and that's not always easy to do. I made some comments, especially early on. However, as I continued to read, I realized that part of its charm was its haphazard spacing and stylized phrasing and total disregard for type usage and application. And I think most of it least on many levels. It made sense to me that the disjointed type should reflect conflict, fear, insecurity...many of the things you purport to being able to help people overcome. The type ‘yelled’ and ‘whispered’ at seemingly the right times. You set up a challenge and dare your reader to complete it. All this helped me come to a very interesting conclusion.
Your ‘style’ actually caused me some anxiety a time or two, but then you wonderfully address the issue of anxiety (or was it control?) at seemingly the perfect time. And that was it: I found my internal voice criticizing you/your writing, only to have you turn that function of ego back on me. Make sense? I remember thinking, in the beginning, that I would never have written this book this way. But by the end, I realized it wasn't my book...or my journey! And that's when I started listening, and enjoying, and understanding.


Hope I was of some help.”

“Dr. I WannaWanna has put together an unusual concoction of stories, exercises, commentaries and advice in his book “Get Your Head Out Of Your “BuT”! From the externals of its nonconformist layout and type fonts to the internals of its self-reflective practices and exercises, this book is guaranteed to be disorienting. But that’s the point – what you’re familiar with isn’t working, so it’s time for a change. This book is a challenge, but its blend of life coaching and therapy is worth paying attention to.”

Eric Leskowitz, MD
Former Director, Integrative Medicine Task Force
Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital
Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School



“Bravo, Gary! This is a wildly funny, out-of-the-box approach to help you find whatever “It” is that you want in your life.”
Randy Peyser, author of “Crappy to Happy”

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