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Gary S. Grossman Ph.D
Get Your Head Out of Your BuT! Book



My Passion For Living Fuels Itself From
My Complimentary Purposeful Relationships With Others.


Early in my career, I was known nicknamed as: "the 90-day Wonder” by my heroin-addicted clients. They marveled at my skills, empathy, understanding, and trustworthiness. They found my abilities especially significant knowing I was just a college-educated young man from Montreal who knew nothing about the truths of life in and being an addict on the “Streets of New York”.

My Fundamental Abilities To Respect Similarities In People And To Rise Above Our Differences Have Guaranteed Me My Greatest Successes!

For over 20 years, I worked as a clinical psychologist in both public and private practice. During that time, I counseled well over 1,500 adults, adolescents and children in individual, group, marital, and family therapies. As a therapist and as a consultant, I collaborated with any significant social system that was necessary to assure my patients ultimate success. I made it my mission in life to jump into the middle of their greatest traumas and pain, unafraid to share those moments with them, as and until, they achieved relief.

Over the years, I have assumed many roles. I have been a program director for the mentally ill homeless. I counseled substance abusers and addicts. I founded or co-founded several health care related businesses including: The Center for Psychological Services, a multidiscipline outpatient mental health clinic; Rediscovery, an outpatient cocaine treatment program; Time For Me, Inc., a mind/body stress reduction clinic; and Residential Treatment Centers of America, an intense residential treatment facility for adolescents. I have taught, trained and supervised psychological interns and assistants and introductory psychology for the University of Phoenix.

I found my true passion as I transitioned from being a clinical psychologist into Personal Development, Wellness and Business Concierge MINDSET Coaching.

As a Coach, I have maintained my keen sense of caring about others. I use many of my professional skills, but with a new focus. I now work with people who, like me, are seeking personal and professional change, pleasure, meaning, and joy, people who want to live in complimentary environments to sustain all that we are and want to be.

Coaching affords me the ability to work with the “coachable”; i.e. “normal people” and the luxury of referring, as necessary, the clinically/“diagnosably impaired” to qualified licensed mental health professionals for psychotherapy.

I earned my B.A. in psychology from Loyola College of Montreal, Canada, 8/68, my M.A., in psychology, from The New School for Social Research in N.Y.C., 7/71, and my Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology – Fresno, 7/76. I have also trained with CoachVille and The Institute for Life Coach Training and am a member of both The International Coaching Federation and The International Association of Coaches.

I am the author of the book titled:
"Get Your Head Out Of Your “BuT”! It can be purchased directly from Amazon.

In addition, I have also developed a 120 Day Outpatient MINDSET and Behavior Change Coaching ProgramYOU Didn’t Get “HOOKED” From Breathing!™.


This program teaches you how to finally do something positive and permanent about your substance abuse problem, your excuses, shame and fear, without additional drugs and/or surgery, hypnosis or deprivation. There are no additional products or equipment to buy, only necessary MINDSET Concepts to learn and follow and Behavior Changes essential for you to master for lifelong success! You will receive written lessons on a weekly basis to read before the session. The session will focus on what you read and other issues that you are concerned about other than topics to be included in future written lessons.

By successfully and fully cooperating with this program: 

  • You will learn what to do, how to do, when, where and with whom. 

  • You will learn to target and eliminate the specific and essential problems that keep you “HOOKED”. 

  • You will learn how to permanently tame your urges and cravings. 

  • You will not have to change your entire self and soul, constantly apologizing for who you are; just your faulty mindset, some targeted beliefs and behaviors and without deprivation.

  • You will learn how to develop and maintain a personalized, developed by you, “HOOKED” No More, Sober Living Plan™ that You can monitor and self-correct forever! 

First Steps: You "Gotta" Accept That You:

  1. Have a substance abuse problem that you can’t control on your own!

  2. Are taking risks with your life, your health, your family, career, etc.; i.e. all that is important to you! 

  3. Are stuck and want change! 

  4. Need and will accept professional help! 

  5. Are willing to accept your responsibility for your part in achieving your success!!!

If the above addresses/reads true about you, please call me for a private, free and confidential consultation.

Warm regards,

Dr. Gary

Gary S. Grossman Ph.D.

aka Dr. I WannaWanna®

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