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Frequently Asked Questions


Thank you for your inquiry regarding my coaching services and congratulations for taking the first step towards living the life you want. I hope to answer some questions you may have and provide you with some insight as to how we might work together to improve your life.


What is Coaching?

Coaching is a collaborative process. I help you define and strategically move toward what you really want in life. I will help you win in life. I will help you find success as you define it because you deserve it!


Coaching is the positive alternative: a partnership of experts: You are the expert about your life. I am the expert who will proactively help you get past your sticky points, to assist you in fully achieving your vision, your way.


I teach you to plan ahead, to take charge of your life, by creating opportunities for success and by committing yourself to following through on your commitments.


I help you develop and implement a proactive plan that identifies your participation and responsibilities. I support you through the learning curve of change, helping you integrate these new thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviors into permanent positive change.


Is this therapy?

No, coaching is not therapy. While both are very valuable in moving you past roadblocks in life, their approaches differ in many ways.


Coaching is about taking you from where you are now and moving you forward. Therapy often involves extensively examining your past to define how you got here in the first place.


Coaching is about improving who you are. Therapy is about fixing what’s broken in you/about you.


Finally, and foremost, coaches do not diagnose or treat any psychological and/or psychiatric disorders. Licensed therapists do.


Some clients benefit from working with both professionals concurrently. Check with your therapist to see if coaching is advisable for you.


How will you help me?

•    I listen to you - not for judgment but for understanding.

•    I ask questions that allow you to think in new and revealing ways.

•    I motivate, encourage and support you every step of the way.

•    I share resources that will assist you and provide feedback as appropriate.

•    I help you reveal, define and then focus on your true passions and dreams.

•    I co-create supportive structures and environments in your life - ones you can count on.

•    I hold you to your inner highest standard - accountable to your personal best!


During the next few minutes, you can make a very important decision!


My clients have made that critically important decision.


They Hired Me to Be Their Concierge MINDSET Coach: Their Personal Development, Wellness and/or Business Coach.


Through their coaching with me, they are now experiencing:


•    Sustainable, Self-Empowerment

•    A Wonderful, reality based, self-image.

•    A Reenergized Life Focus

•    Complimentary Participation with Complimentary Others.

•    A Genuine Sense of Personal Satisfaction and Direction

•    Their Innermost "WannaWanna”!

They are running their lives; their lives are no longer running them!


They have a feeling of control about their lives, because I helped them create their plan, their way!




As we work together, you will get help developing a personalized life plan that specifically leverages your strengths as well as eliminating your areas of concern. You will receive the bold support necessary to develop and successfully implement your plan.


As your Concierge Coach, I will help you “truly own those strengths” and will help you direct them in purposeful ways. You will define and then successfully operate within your roles, your values, and from your passion.


By carefully selecting and making these concerted efforts while engaging with complementary others, you will learn to live Your Life and Conduct Your Business Your Way! You will learn to live a life of fulfillment and leave a legacy that is intentional.


Sometimes just wanting to isn’t strong enough. I will teach and support you to dig down deep, to have the courage to truly “WannaWanna”, to BE and DO whatever “It” takes to succeed, despite the obstacles, the fears or the other people who get in your way.


As Dr. I WannaWanna®, I will work with you to create relationships that empower you to willfully empower yourself, to claim and proclaim your willingness to truly do something positive and proactive, to stay inspired, focused and on Mission: YOUR MISSION!


If all of the above makes sense to you and meets with your expectations then, I Want to Coach You.



I WannaWanna Be Your Trusted Advisor: Your Concierge MINDSET Coach!

Please click here and Contact Me Today

For Your Confidential Complimentary Consultation!



Who do you work best with?

I work best with people who are absolutely, positively willing to focus their strengths, their energies and their resources to their own success, to dig down deep to DO whatever they have to DO to successfully accomplish their Mission, their way!


They/you must be smart, open to change, able to accept new ideas and able to implement new opportunities into decisive action.


I empathize without enabling. I am clear, direct and kind to people who appreciate clear, direct and kind. I empower and inspire those who are Stuck, Burned-out and Stressed, “BuT” clearly still Ready, Willing and Able.


I can be of significant help to those who Really WannaWanna as long as they are not truly “Clinically Impaired”. They need help beyond my scope of practice.


My greatest strength is in helping people, like you, identify and dismantle conflicting intentions, values, behaviors and relationships, displacing your don’t want to want to with self-empowered “WannaWanna” about the most important aspects of your life.


If this sounds like what you are looking for, please contact me to find out more.


Who uses a Coach?

Individuals, families, small companies, large corporations! Coaching is found in every industry and situation you can imagine. Life provides an abundance of circumstances, coaching provides an abundance of opportunity and support.


Successful coaching clients typically have a few factors in common:

1.    They are willing to ask questions and challenge perceptions.

2.    They are willing to reveal the truth, learn from it and take action.

3.    They have a vision, although frequently clouded, of a better life.

4.    They are highly functioning, intelligent people with a desire to realize their best.

5.    They are stuck but not clinically impaired. When they know what to do, how to do, when, where and with whom and have the support necessary to succeed, they can succeed again.


How long does Coaching last?

It depends on what you want and need. The average amount of time that clients work with their coaches varies by client and situation.


I request a 90-day minimum commitment from my clients. We meet once a week for an hour. This allows sufficient time to make real improvements that are tested over time rather than creating a bunch of ideas that sound and feel good but disappear from disuse.


Your results should be real and obvious. You will know when you are ready to proceed on your own.


What do I work on with you as my coach?

What you want and what you need. Coaching is about Choice, about having more and having less.


Having More:

Joy-Hope-Confidence-Balance-Abundance-Peace-Energ-Motivation-Clarity-Action-Time-Fun-Productivity-Freedom-Courage-Money etc.


Having Less:

Fear-Frustration-Boredom-Resentment-Disappointment-Doubt-Confusion-Overwhelm-Indecision-Exhaustion-Emotional and Financial Bankruptcy etc.


Seriously, can you really do all that?

No, not without you and your determined involvement! This isn’t a get the “Cliff Notes” to happiness program; it’s more like a gym. I’m your personal trainer and I provide the equipment and the environment for you to succeed. You have my resources and training at your disposal. It’s up to you to use them. We share the responsibility of this journey together.


How do we meet?

Locals, we meet in person, if possible.

All others, we use whatever technology works best.








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