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Life After Depression is currently only available after a direct consultation with Dr. Gary. 

Life After Depression Coaching (Contact Dr. Gary)

  • You are no longer clinically depressed! You know it and feel it, "BuT" also know and feel that you are stuck.

    Thanks to TMS, antidepressants and/or psychotherapy, your depressed symptoms are in remission. They have done their jobs, "BuT" you still lack the joy you once experienced.

    There is not need to stay stuck in your old lifestyle, in old behaviors and excuses, in your old depressed "BuT"!

    "How is that possible?" you ask.

    "Can I recapture my pre-depressed spitit, my pre-depressed lifestyle, my pre-depressed MINDSET?"

    Yes! Maybe? If:

    You hire an experienced and empathetic post-depression Life Coach, who has been there and done that, AND you DO the work necessary to regain your former self!

    We focus on and support what you can DO, instead of your depression, it's causes and what you can't do.

    Contact me for a free consultation to see how I can help you.
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