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Dr. Gary's Signature Program

YOU Didn’t Get FAT From Breathing!™
Your 90 Day Intensive MINDSET and Behavior Change Weight Loss Program
Specifically Designed To Help You Lose Weight And Keep It Off Forever!









Dr. Gary’s program, You Didn’t Get Fat From Breathing! has made a tremendous impact on my life in general and my relationship with food and my eating habits specifically. Gary’s concept that food is an addictive substance was not hard to grasp intellectually but it forced me to reevaluate what I was up to and why I willingly sabotaged my own well-being. It also freed me up to choose how I would act in the future and to allow myself the indulgence of wavering in my resolve without recrimination. Larry, California




After I committed to losing weight, I came upon a situation I had encountered many times before only to fail and gain my weight back. The scenario was: I arrived at a friend’s house and they immediately offered me food that was definitely on my “Don’t Eat” list. I politely refused. They offered again and I informed them I was on a diet. They were more emphatic and offered again: “This won’t hurt this once”. Again I refused, politely. Again they pushed the food on me and I blew my stack…” Don’t you people understand I AM ON A DIET; and IF YOU REALLY CARED ABOUT ME YOU WOULDN’T BE PUSHING FOOD ON ME I HAVE REFUSED. And I left.

I felt elated. This was the first time I stood up for my health and didn’t give in to my addiction. I have lost 35 pounds from January through August. HURRAY for me! No more intimidation from friends.
Steve, California





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